Dress Code

Members of All Categories and Visitors are requested to observe our Dress Code both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

Golf shoes on the course please not metal spikes
Singlets are not permitted
Only tailored shorts, together with sport socks are permitted
Track Suits/Leisure Suits/Football, soccer, rugby etc. attire is not permitted
Denim Jeans of any kind/colour are unacceptable
Please refrain from using mobile phones on the golf course
Clothing with bold advertising logos unacceptable.

Golf shoes are not permitted in the Clubhouse
Track Suits/Leisure Suits are not permitted in the Clubhouse
Sports caps are not permitted
Dress should be neat and tidy in keeping with the high standards of the club
Please refrain from using mobile phones in the bar or restaurant

It is in the common interest to uphold and maintain standards of good dress and good manners. Your full co-operation is respectfully requested.

Committee and Staff members are directed to ensure the observance of our dress code.

Neat Dress is Essential at all times.

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