The Finn Trophy 2017







2017 The Finn TrophyThe Finn Trophy started in 1965 when Peggie Finn and her late husband Joe offered a prize to the ladies for an interclub ladies fourball. The first Finn Trophy was played in 1966 with nine clubs participating and Courtown won what was to become a very coveted trophy. 51 years later we have entries from all over Leinster for the hugely popular 'Finn'.


The Finn Trophy


The Trophy shall be called The Finn Trophy and shall be competed for annually.  

The Trophy shall be held by the winning team for the period of 1 year.  They shall be responsible for the safe-keeping of the trophy and the return of it to Courtown Golf Club at least 2 weeks before the Final of the following year.


The Rules


  • The Competition shall be under the control of the Ladies Committee, Courtown Golf Club.  Courtown Golf Club reserves the right to alter and revise the competition rules as it sees fit.
  • Clubs may enter no more than one team. The team shall consist of 10 female competitors and 2 substitutes, all of amateur status.
  • Team members may only play for their home club.  The upper individual handicap limit is 28.  Players may hold a higher handicap but must play off 28 throughout the competition.  Juniors are permitted to play in the competition subject to the rules outlined.
  • No caddies allowed
  • The Final shall be played in Courtown Golf Club on the last Thursday in August.


  • The format of the competition shall be Fourball matchplay.  The lowest handicap player to concede strokes to the other 3 players based on 90% of the difference between the full handicaps.
  • Teams must play in strict order of combined handicap. Matches must be played to a result.
  • The Host team is responsible for fixing a reasonable date and starting time that is, in as far as possible agreeable to both clubs.  All matches to be played on or before the date fixed on the drawsheet. Should a difficulty arise in fixing a date it is recommended that the final date of the draw be the day on which the match is played. We must strictly adhere to this in the interest of competition efficiency.
  • The semi-final will be played over 2 legs – Home and Away with the team on the top of the draw playing at home for the first leg.
  • If the sides are level at the end of the second leg, the first pairing from each team will play “sudden death” commencing at the first tee.

Exchange of Team Sheets;

  • The Captains of both teams about to engage in a match shall exchange a list of names and handicaps of the team in order of play, at least 15 minutes before the match is due to begin.  Handicap sheets must be signed by a Committee Member.


  • Clubs are requested to allow their opponents the facility of a practise round prior to the match.
  • Should any dispute arise between the competing Clubs, every effort should be made by the Clubs concerned to resolve the issue.  In the event where a dispute is referred to Courtown Golf Club, the decision of Courtown Golf Club shall be final.
  • Motorised Buggies may be used only by persons presenting a current Medical Certificate of Disability and then only if the host club permits the use of such buggies.  The buggy may only be used by the person named on the certificate and may only carry that person’s equipment.

Each Club is responsible for their own meal expenses except for the Final, when Courtown Golf Club will host both teams, their Lady Captains and Team Managers.


Failure to comply with any of the above rules could result in disqualification.


The winning team Manager of each match to notify Catherine Quinn (087-2458899) with the result as soon as possible after the match has been played.